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We are a family owned and run creator of hand crafted items. All items in our collection are of the highest quality and created with care.  We create the best, most beautiful and original crochet jewelry. 


Olga, and Laura are the creative department.

Laura started creating stones and kept sending Olga pictures of the finished piece.  Olga kept saying they were beautiful and perhaps it could be set into a necklace or bracelet.  We finally decided to give it a try.  The process of discovery, experimenting and creating started after we got together for a Thanksgiving celebration.  

Olga started experimenting with different threads and different designs.  The first pieces were very primitive and not quite what we wanted.  We continued trying and three years later we came up with a finished piece that we thought might be worth trying to make it a business.    

We don't consider this work but a great reward.  We enjoy seeing the finished pieces, and look forward to displaying it for someone to be able to enjoy.

We are hoping to turn this website into a creative process.  We are not only going to display jewelry but other types of arts in the hopes that we can offer you a variety of finished products you will enjoy

We hope you like them and welcome your support and comments.


There are three steps to the creation of a final jewelry product.  

1.  The creation of a stone-  Laura creates beautiful stones.  She takes care of combining and mixing the colors to create a specific design.  Based on the colors of the stone we proceed to Step 2.

2.  The design of the piece.  Olga designs and selects the color of the thread to compliment the stone. 

3.  The crocheting of the piece begins and the assembly.



Created with care

and attention to detail